COTI 2018: COTI Rogue

Come explore COTI Rogue!

COTI 2018 continues our ongoing saga, COTI For Us, of interspecies contact between Team Alpha and Team Omega in the Gliese 667 triple star system. As announced at Contact 2016, a rogue planet was discovered passing into the outer regions of the system, and the teams were planning their response.

Rogue planets have been ejected from their birth star system, and spin along through space unless they are captured by another star. They seem unlikely homes for life, but ones not much bigger than Earth might preserve pockets of liquid water beneath a frozen atmosphere.

COTI Rogue will build that world and its stories!

Please join us for our daily reports to the Conference, and the live action roleplay of the Contact encounter on Sunday.

If you are interested in joining Team Alpha or Team Omega, please contact Connie Lester at She will forward your information to the COTI facilitator.