Speakers and time slots are subject to change as the program evolves.

9:30 Welcome: Jim Funaro
DON SCOTT Introductions: The Ranger and The Astronaut
10:00 HARRY BUTOWSKY National Historic Landmarks for the Apollo Missions
10:30 JAY COLE Is it Time for A National Historic Park for Radio Astronomy?
11:00 CHRIS McKAY Earth as Our Training Ground for the Search for Life Elsewhere
11:30 DAVID MORRISON A Real Interstellar Visitor
12:00 Lunch
The Sciences and
the Arts
1:30 PENNY BOSTON Chasing the Elusive, a Lifetime on the Hunt
2:00 JOEL HAGEN Art and Science, Ghosts Nudging the Mind and Hand
2:30 HOWARD HEARD The Engineering of Art: Contact with Ourselves and What We Make
3:00 JIM FUNARO CONTACT: The Big Two-Hearted Conference
3:30 KIM STANLEY ROBINSON How Science Fiction Works as an Art Form
4:00 CHRIS FORD A Future Vision For The Public Astronomical Experience
4:30 ZAC ZIMMER Rewriting the Conquest of the Americas in Science Fiction
5:00 Panel and ISRAEL ZUCKERMAN COTI meets the Rogue
5:30 Art Gallery Opening & Reception
6:00 Dinner on your own
8:30 Gathering in the Peak Room REMEMBRANCES: DeVita, Finney, Jackson, LeGuin, Pournelle, Zuidema
9:00 NORA BATESON A Film: An Ecology of Mind
9:30 Gathering in the Hospitality Suite
9:00 DAVID MILLER Driving around the Moon using Very Poor Video
9:30 BILL CLANCEY The Okeanos Explorer: How robotically mediated undersea field science compares to roving on Mars
10:00 MICHAEL SIMS Cheap Robots for Space
10:30 GERALD NORDLEY Are Dyson Spheres Legal?
11:00 DOUG RAYBECK The Ubiquity of Reciprocity
11:30 KELLY SMITH Social and Conceptual Issues in Astrobiology
12:00 Lunch
1:30 NORA BATESON The Legacy of Gregory Bateson: An Ecology of Mind
2:30 BRUCE DAMER The Hot Spring Origin of Life Hypothesis
3:00 BOB TYZZER Metalaw 2018: Current Status in Anthropology and Cultural Futures
3:30 TOM GANGALE The Outer Limits of Space Law
4:00 SETH SHOSTAK Great Filters: Why We Don't Have Any Cosmic Company?
4:30 STEVE McDANIEL Cheap, Deep, Wide and Fast: Canvasing The Solar System for Earth-Like Microbial Life
5:00 Art Show (all day)
7:00 Banquet
8:00 Keynote: NATHALIE A. CABROL From Habitability to Life: The Changing Nature of Planetary and Space Exploration
9:00 Gathering in the Hospitality Suite
10:00 JEROEN LAPRÉ Arthur C. Clarke's Maelstrom II: A Work in Progress, and the Coral Reef Dome Show at the Academy of Science
10:30 GUS FREDERICK Hungry Dragons: Waiting for the Moon Shadow
11:00 JIM PASS & MICHAEL WALTEMATHE The Astrosociology Research Institute (ARI) Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary / Religion and Space Exploration
11:30 Check-out Time
12:00 Lunch
1:00 COTI FOR US: Panel Teams Alpha and Omega meet the Rogue Planet
2:00 ISRAEL ZUCKERMAN: Coordinator Contact!
3:00 Closing Remarks: Jim Funaro Discussion
4:00-5:00 Vacate Peak, Art Show