Reserve Your Spot at CONTACT 2020

Method 1: Email

There is no registration fee for attending CONTACT 2020 at NASA/Ames, but attendees must register to reserve a spot, as the facility space is limited. You can check in and receive your CONTACT packets at the door.

You can reserve a space at CONTACT 2020 by sending your contact information by email to our registrar at Contact Reservations. Please include the following information for each participant:

Banquet: Yes/No and number of people attending
Special dietary needs:

IMPORTANT: If you want a hard plastic name badge, we need to receive payment by March 6th.

Method 2: U.S. Mail

If you wish to make a non-electronic reservation and/or donation, please use U.S. mail and enclose your reservation information (listed above) and any donation in the form of a check to CONTACT: COTI and mail to:

   CONTACT: Cultures of the Imagination
   267 Truckee Lane
   San Jose CA 95136

IMPORTANT: If you want a hard plastic name badge, we need to receive payment by March 6th.

Method 3: Online

You can also reserve a space by using the "Donate" button below. There is a $1 processing fee (necessary for using the service run by PayPal). Donations of more than $1 will be used for organizational support of CONTACT: Cultures of the Imagination (and not used for conference expenses).

PLEASE NOTE: If you want a hard plastic name badge, we need to receive payment by March 6th. If you pay using the donate button, you will need to add a brief note identifying (1) the full names for anyone registering, (2) your email address or telephone number, (3) what you are paying for (hard plastic name badge at $25 each, banquet at $42 per person, or a donation amount), and (4) any dietary restrictions if attending the banquet.

This note should be added in one of two places, depending upon whether you pay using PayPal or a debit or credit card.

If paying with PayPal, after you sign in you will see the words Add a note directly below the dollar amount you are donating. Click on those words to add required note.

If paying with a debit or credit card, the words to click on are Add special instructions to the seller, which you will find below the dollar amount and the option for making this a monthly donation.

In either case, please write only the information required, as space is limited. If you have anything else you need to communicate about registration, badges or banquet, please email our registrar at Contact Reservations.


While there is no registration fee, an extra donation will help us in securing a venue for 2022. If you are able, please consider donating the amount you would normally pay for registration.

Foreign National Visitors

In order to facilitate your planned/requested visit to a NASA installation, please complete the information on this form as soon as possible. Please review each numbered item. Missing information could delay the process. The process can take several weeks, so please do not delay.

Badge Example

Banquet Information

This years banquet will cost $42 and will be held at Mario's Restaurant (you may pay at the conference, by mailing a check or with PayPal via the donate button above). The Menu is:

Light Appetizers (vegetarian options included)
   Vegetarian Lasagna
   Chicken Marsala
   Pasta with Garlic, Olive Oil and spinach
   Pasta with Sausage