Reserve Your Spot at CONTACT 2020

There is no registration fee for attending CONTACT 2020 at NASA/Ames, but attendees must register to reserve a spot, as the facility space is limited. Your CONTACT packets will be available at the door.

You can reserve a space by using the "Donate" button below. There is a $1 processing fee (necessary for using PayPal). Donations of more than $1 will be used for organizational support of CONTACT: Cultures of the Imagination (and not used for conference expenses).

If you make a donation of $25 or more, you will be registered and will receive our traditional hard plastic CONTACT 2020 name badge when you arrive at the conference. Your donations in any amount to ensure the future of CONTACT are welcome.


Other Ways to Register or Donate:

You can also reserve a space at CONTACT 2020 by sending your contact information by email to our registrar at Contact Reservations. We need enough information to reach you if things change; a current email address should be sufficient, but a mailing address and/or phone number would also be appreciated.

If you wish to make a nonelectronic reservation and/or donation, please use U.S. mail and enclose your reservation data (name and contact information) and any donation in the form of a check to CONTACT: COTI at:

   CONTACT: Cultures of the Imagination
   267 Truckee Lane
   San Jose CA 95136