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March 7-9, 1997 - Sunnyvale, CA

Symposium 1 - "SolSys:Tweaking & Critiquing the Timeline"
Reed Riner (Chair) - The SolSysters and the Board of Virtual Consultants

Symposium 2 - "The Future of Culture: I"
Tim Wolf - Forging Complementarity between Science and Literature
Doug Raybeck - Literacy Lost: A Fall From Space
Charles Ostman - Synthetic Sentience and the Boundaries of Consciouness
COTI Mundi - Aliens from Epona

Symposium 3 - "First Contact With An Alien Computer"
Panel: Allen Tough (Chair), Ben Finney, Carol Oliver, Sheth Shostak, Gerald Nordley, Al Harrison and Chris Jones
Art and Science: Joel Hagen, Ron Holtuysen, "BJ" Johnson, David Palermo &Marin van Dijn

Symposium 4 - "Future of Commmunities I: Theory and Method"
Jim Funaro - The Past, Present and Future of Human Communities
Reed Riner - SolSysSim: An Ongoing Community In Space
Jen Clodius - Ethnography On The Net: Communities In Cyber Space
Jan English-Lueck - Juggling Digital Devices In Silicon Valley

Symposium 5 - "Future of Communities II: Demonstrations"
Bruce Damer & Maclen Marvit - Live Tours through Virtual Communities
COTI Mundi - Humans from Earth

Symposium 6 - "Microbial Life on Mars I: The Effect On Us"
Chris McKay (Chair) - Moderator
Joel Hagen - A Historical Context for the Announcement
Al Harrison - Human Respones And Attitudes To Life Beyond Earth
Gerald Nordley - Mars, Life And Ethics: A Summary Of An Email Forum
Discussants: Ben Finney, Jim Funaro, Carol Oliver

Symposium 7 - "Microbial Life on Mars II: The Effect On Mars"
Chris McKay (Chair) - Moderator
Michael Sims - Generalizing Environmental Ethics Issues From Earth
Mark Lupisella- Don't Tread On Me: Preserving Possible Martian Life
Kim Stanley Robinson - The Ethical Debate About Terraforming Mars
Discussants: Jim Funaro, Carol Oliver, Doug Raybeck
Banquet and Keynote Adress: Kim Stanley Robinson

Symposium 8 - "The Future of Culture: II"
Steve Gillett - Fro m Paleotechnolgy to Nanotechnology
Charlotte Brassard - Political Support as NASA Enters the 21st Century
COTI Mundi - Contact!

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