2016 Conference Schedule As Of 3 April 2016

All paper sessions were held in the Peak Room at the Domain Hotel.

  9:30   Welcome: JIM FUNARO
10:00   BEN SIBELMAN: Biospheric Communionism: A Utopian Vision of Contact
10:30   ALLEN TAYLOR: Mixed Reality: A New Way to Make Contact
11:00   LARRY NIVEN: The Legacy Of Heorot
11:30   GERALD NORDLEY: Anticipation and The Limits of Nature
12:00   Lunch
  1:30   PENNY BOSTON: Can Exoplanet Studies Inform Astrobiology and SETI?
  2:00   DAVID MORRISON: The Continuing Search for Life within our Solar System
  2:30   JIM FUNARO: The Evolution of Star Trek as an American Mythos
  3:00   ANDY WEIR What will commercial spaceflight cost in the future?
  3:30   BRUCE DAMER: The SHEPHERD concept for sustainable spaceflight & Mars exploration
  4:00   JIM MOORE: We are not alone, but there's probably nobody to talk with.
  4:30   BILL CLANCEY: Designing for the Methanians on Arcturus IV: The Creative Engineering Approach of John E Arnold
  5:00   GUS FREDERICK: The Golden Age of Free Thought
  5:30   Art Gallery Opening & Reception Apex Room
  6:00   Dinner on your own
  8:30   Gathering in the Peak Room
Al Harrison, A Celebration of Life
  9:30   Gathering in the Hospitality Suite

  9:00   JIM PASS: The Human Dimension of Space Exploration
  9:30   MELANIE SWAN: Joining a Cloudmind Collaboration: the Future of Human-Machine Partnership in Digital Smartnetwork Society
10:00   SETH SHOSTAK: SETI Searches For Intelligence That's Not Alive
10:30   KIM STANLEY ROBINSON: Science and Science Fiction, an Eccentric Orbit
11:00   DON SCOTT: On Enlightenment; and how one of California's Lost Enlightenments is Helping Us Reach Mars
11:30   MICHAEL SIMS: The Great Earth Uplifting Event
12:00   Lunch
  1:30   Mars! CHRIS McKAY, Moderator
  2:00   Writers and Scientists on the Red Planet
  2:30   Panel: Weir, Niven, Robinson, McKay, Sims
  3:00   CHRIS FORD: The Super Realistic Movie Revolution
  3:30   DAVID MILLER: Some non-threatening forms of human-robot interaction: Assistive Robotics
  4:00   JEROEN LAPRÉ: Maelstrom Revisited
  4:30   JOEL HAGEN: 3-D Printing: A Personal Journey through Art, Science and Education
  5:00   Art Show (all day) Apex Room
  7:00   Banquet Quantum Room
  8:00   RICK STERNBACH: Keynote Address in Peak Room   "Alien Civilizations - What Lies Beyond Our Imaginations?"
  9:00   Gathering in the Hospitality Suite

10:00   ZAC ZIMMER: First Contact: Rewriting The Conquest Of The Americas
10:30   DOUG RAYBECK: Literacy Lost Redux
11:00   STEVE McDANIEL: Self-Sterilizing Coatings and Planetary Protection
11:30   Check-out Time
12:00   Lunch
  1:00   COTI FOR US: Panel Team Alpha & Team Omega
  2:00   ISRAEL ZUCKERMAN, COTI Coordinator Contact!
  3:00   JIM FUNARO: Closing Remarks

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