September 27-29, 1985 - San Jose, CA

Symposium: The Universe and Us
Poul Anderson - Science, Logic and Imagination
Greg Benford - Galactic Center: A Cultural Sargasso Sea
Dave Brin - Where the Hell is Everybody?
Reed Riner - The Contact Hypothesis

Workshop: World Building - Anderson, Benford, Niven
Bateson Project: The World - Anderson, Niven, Pournelle

Symposium: From Science to Imagination
Mary Mason - We Only Believe OUR Senses
C J Cherryh - The Caliban: Case Study in Alien Creation III
Larry Niven - Meet the Chaptisk Fithp
Paul Bohannan - Science Fiction Cultures: Real and Ethereal

Workshop: Alien Building - Cherryh, Hagen, Tyzzer
Bateson Project: The Alien - Benford, Cherryh, Hagen, Mason
Symposium: Art and Science
Loren & Rachel Carpenter - Computer Graphics
Joel Hagen - Contact in Art

Symposium: Creative Anthropology
Mischa Adams & Devyani Smith - Multiplex Models
Greg Bear - Reality Management in Culture
Jim Funaro - Science as Play and Play as Science
Jerry Pournelle - Science versus Social Science

Workshop: Culture Building - Bear, Funaro, Riner
Bateson Project: The Culture - Adams, Bear, Bohannan, Funaro, Smith

Symposium: Universes in Contact
Barbara Joans - The Fast Field Approach Meets the Alien
Bob Tyzzer - Metalegal Principles, Anthropology and Science Fiction
Ben Finney - From Sea To Space

Workshop: Contact Building - Bohannan, Finney, Pournelle
Bateson Project: Contact - Brin, Finney, Joans, Riner, Tyzzer
Human as Aliens: Ethnographic Films
Trobriand Cricket, Les Maitres Fous, Holy Ghost People

Bateson Project Team: The Contact Scenario

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