February 27-March 1, 1987 - Rancho Cordova, CA

Symposium I
Ctein - You, Too, Can Do Physics in 20 Minutes or Less
Larry Niven - The Alien in our Minds
Bob Tyzzer - Metalaw and Science Fiction
Bateson Project Open Sessions: Human and Alien Teams - The Colony & The World

Symposium II
Jim Funaro - Human Models for a Human Future
Paul Bohannan - Engineering Cultures
Reed Riner - Scents, Senses and Sentients: Crossing the Self-Rep Boundary

Symposium III
Karen Anderson - The Tribal Spaceship
Joel Hagen - Space Colonies: The Space Inside
James Hogan - The Trouble With Utopias: Ideal Societies For Other People To Live In
Bateson Project Open Sessions: Colony Culture & Alien Biology

Symposium IV
Richard Johnson - The Space Program: The Long and Short of It
Albert Harrison - Space Personnel Deployment: Lessons From Earth
Poul Anderson - Where Are They?
Bateson Project Open Sessions: The Journey & Alien Culture

Symposium V
Phil Klass - How to Send a Message in a Bottle through Space
Tom McDonough - Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Jonathan Post - Xeno-Biology and Poetry

Symposium VI
Jim Moore - Alien Altruism: Slings, Arrows and the Big Bang
Barbara Joans - Aliens and Alienation: Culture's Crucible
Mischa Adams - The Alien Inside
Bateson Project Open Sessions: In Orbit & Down Home

Symposium VII
Artists and Technology: Darrell Anderson, Keith Doyle, Joel Hagen and Rick Sternbach

Symposium VIII
Jerry Pournelle - Science and Social Science
Bateson Project Final Session: CONTACT!

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