1988 - Rancho Cordova, CA

Symposium 1: The Once and Future Guest of Honor: Bateson
Jim Funaro: Introduction - Gregorian Chance
Devayani Smith - Gregory Bateson: A Science of Relationship
2020 A. Funaro,Hagen,Victor,Gerlock

Symposium 2: BATESON PROJECT - 2020 Vision
Poul Anderson - 2020 Blindness
Reed Riner - Religion 2020 AD

Symposium 3: Exo-Anthropology
Suzanne Engler & LuAnn Hudson - Societies in Space: Myth and Reality
Phil DeVita - Alternate Model for Space Habitation: Analogues from Pacific Atoll Communities
2020 B. Victor,Gerlock,Tyzzer,Harrison

Symposium 4: Population and the Future
Bob Tyzzer - How Many Is Enough?
Doug Raybeck - No Room at the Interstice: Life on a Crowded Planet
Cultures of the Imagination: Contact Comes Home to Earth
2020 Section C. Tyzzer,Harrison,Henson,Klass
BATESON PROJECT: 2020 News Report (Sections A-C)

Symposium 5: Contact
Al Harrison - ExoPsychology
Dave Brin - Contact Protocol
2020 D. Henson,Klass,Raybeck,Textor

Symposium 6: The Space Age
Greg Barr - Space and the Single Person
Jonathan Post - Artificial Intelligence for Space

Symposium 7: Technology and the Future
Keith Henson - The Future Isn't What It Used To Be
William Tenn (Phil Klass) - Domestication of the Future: Companions of the Hunt
2020 E. Raybeck,Textor,Anderson,Clearwater

Symposium 8: Designing the Future
Jim Funaro - Achilles Expedition: Creating an Offworld Colony in 3 Days
Dave Brin - Simulations: Honesty by the Numbers
Cultures of the Imagination: Contact Comes Home to Earth
2020 F. Anderson,Clearwater,Funaro,Hagen
Bateson Project: 2020 News Report (Sections D-F)

Symposium 9: Visions of the Future
(Luther Gerlock - Managing the Global Commons)
Larry Victor - Exploring and Colonizing Asynchronous Reality
Bateson Project - 2020 Vision News Report (Summary)
2020 G. Clearwater, Funaro, Gerlock, Hagen, Harrison, Klass, Textor
Cultures of the Imagination: Contact Comes Home (Ivos/Triquids)
2020 Vision Team: Mischa Adams, Poul & Karen Anderson, Greg Barr, Scott Beach, David Brin, Yvonne Clearwater, Herb Dallas, Phil DeVita, Suzanne Engler, Jan English-Lueck, Jim Funaro, Steve Goldin, Joel Hagen, Al Harrison, Howard Heard, Keith Henson, Luanne Hudson, Phil Klass (William Tenn), Doug Raybeck, Reed Riner, Michael Shields, Devayani Smith, Sandy Alluquerre Stone, Chip Street, Bob and Kathy Tyzzer, Phil & Mary Vaughn, Larry Victor

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