April 28-30, 1989 - Phoenix, AZ

Symposium 1: SOLSYS Council - Rick Cook, John Lewis, Connie van Praet (full team listed below)
Symposium 2: Southwest:2039 - Harry Braun, Alan Dean Foster, Linda Groff (full team listed below)
Symposium 3: Anthropology and the Future
Jim Moore: Anthro-Plans for the Future: Where to look, what to look out for
Mort Klass: Give Us Your "Huddled Masses": Prolegomenon to the Human Colonization of Space
Babara Joans: Homo Sapiens Stay Home

Symposium 4: Anthroopology and Science Fiction
Art Niehoff: Takeover: The Last Ethnography
Mischa Adams: The Living Gods of Cyberpunk: "There are Things in the Net..."
Phil Klass (William Tenn): The Verneian Age
Anthropologists as Artists

Symposium 5 : Ethics and the Future
Greg Barr: Cult of the Parallel Universes
Rick Schwall: A Speculative Metaphysics
Chuck Stovitz: Laws, Aliens and the Constitution

Symposium 6: Analogues for Life in Space
Al Harrison: Terrestrial Laboratories for Humans in Space
Jim Funaro: Undiscovered Treasure: Ethnographic Analogues for Offworld Colonies
Eric Jones: Getting the First Space Settlement Started

Symposium 7: Ethnographic Analogues
Phil DeVita: The Japanese and American Cultural Models: Contrastive Analogues for Human Habitation in Extended Space Exploration and Settlement
Richard Robbins: Utopian and Other Planned Communities: Models for Extended Space Habitation
James Armstrong: The Early Kibbutz: An Interactional Model for Extended Space Habitation

Symposium 8: Human Settlements in Space
Poul Anderson: Cultural Variations in Space
Tom Zane: Structuring the Space Society for Maximum Enjoyment and Productivity
Scott Beach: A Paradigm for Space Settlement

Symposium 9: Alternate Realities
Sandy Stone: How Robots Grew Gonads: A Cautionary Tale
bandit: Kinesthetic Motion Detectors and Virtual Realities
Larry Victor: Feedpast Bootstrapping

SOLSYS Council - Final Session
Southwest: 2039 - Final Session

Cultures of the Imagination - Puddle Meets the Space Blob (US)

Bateson Project - Solar System Council
It's 2039 AD: Do You Know Where Your Grandchildren Are?

The primary objective of the 1989 Bateson Project workshop on space development is to explore the cultural implications for the human race of a near future technological breakthrough in space transportation. Let's assume space exploration will get a boost from a cheap and reliable method of escaping the gravity well of Earth. I have asked the participants to paint a portrait of the human race which shows a fifty year evolution in which a whole new frontier and new resources have become accessible to mankind. The task of the Solar System Council will be to meet and discuss issues raised by this painting using video and computer technology to simulate interplanetary communication. Teams represent the various "topographical" regions of space.

Moderator ex Machina Luna Citizens (Moon)
Greg Barr Eric Jones Connie Van Praet
Dirtsiders (Earth) Aleta Jackson
Philip DeVita
Richard Robbins Martian Explorer (Mars)
James Armstrong Frank White
Thomas Case Thomas Zane
Jeff Hopkins Jim Funaro
Tracy Hopkins Frontier Prospectors
Earth Orbiters (Asteroids/Gas Giants)
(Low Earth Orbit) Poul Anderson
John Lewis
Walt Anderson Comsat Relayers
Mark Maxwell Pete Manly
Karen Anderson Nolan LeBlanc Doug Cosper
Free Floaters (L5) Gene Lucas
Rick Cook Eric Hansen
James Davidson Dan Smith Cindi Smith

A Solar System Council has been created to which each of these teams is invited to send a representative. Over a period of months prior to CONTACT VI, team participants have put together background material and timelines that paint a picture of the period, which was published in several issues of Solsys in Flux. The collected journals of the Solar System Council have been bound and are available for purchase.

Bateson Project - Southwest: 2039
A collaboration of social scientists, science fiction writers and futurists will construct a composite image of the Southwest in the year 2039 AD. The project will consist of several open and/closed sessions; in each, participants will discuss selected aspects of this region of our planet in the near future, with a summary on Sunday to integrate the proceedings. We hope this interdisciplinary project will offer some useful and creative ideas for dealing with some of our immediate problems here onworld.

Moderator: Mary Ann Maher, Arizona Chapter, World Future Society.
Janet Beauchamp Alan Dean Foster
Joana Benjamin Linda Groff
Harry W. Braun Mary Hoadley
Eileen Burris Bernard Kirsch
Dale Buskirk Rosalie Kirsch
Robert W. Cook Jo Ann Mooneyham
John Dibacco Mel Neville
Ted E. Downing Bill Roe
Edward Edwards Ernie Schloss
Catherine Elston Larry Stevensen
Workshops and sessions of Southwest: 2039, SOLSYS Council and Cultures of the Imagination will be held throughout the conference.

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