March 1-4, 1990 - Phoenix, AZ

Symposium 1 -Simulations for the Future
Panel: James J. Funaro, Melvin K. Neville & Reed Riner

Symposium 2 - Near Future Mission in Space
Harrison, Albert A. - Psyching up for Mars: Lessons from 1000 Days Nonstop at Sea
Zane, Thomas I. Mission to Mars: Potential Social/Psychological Limitations and Strategies for Crew Preparation (with Eric L. Carlson)
Beach, Scott - Results: CONTACT VI Space Settlement Survey

Symposium 3 - Futures Research Methods
Panel: Jan English-Lueck, Reed D. Riner & Allen Tough
Workshop 1 - Computer Graphics - Joel Hagen
SOLSYS Council (Progress Report)
Cultures of the Imagination (Progress Report)
Saint Silicon: Earth's First Hi-Tech Humorist

Workshop 2 - Human/Machine Language - James Cooke Brown

Symposium 4 - Visions of the Future
Raybeck, Douglas - Communities of Interest in 2040
McMahon, Robert F. - The Great Insterstellar Commission
Victor, Larry - Adventures of Gaia
SOLSYS Council (Progress Report)
Cultures of the Imagination (Progress Report)
Bateson Project: Solsys Council

Symposium 5 - Aliens, Inside and Outside
Funaro, Jim - The Alien Metaphor: Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial Contact
Woodson, Mary Clare - The Human/Dolphin Connection: Alien Contact on Earth
Hagen, Joel - Computers: Aliens of our own Device
Workshop 3 - Futures Research Methods
Symposium 6 - Humanity in the Space Age
Rohatyn, Dennis - The Quest for Uncertainty: Why Go Into Outer Space?
Stovitz, Chuck - Laws, Aliens and the Constitution
Tough, Allen - The Long-Term Effects of REAL Contact
Cultures of the Imagination (Progress Report)

Bateson Project: SOLSYS Council (Final Report)
Cultures of the Imagination: Contact - The Two Lost Tribes
SOLSYS Council and Cultures of the Imagination will meet in open and closed sessions throughout the conference.

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