March 7-10, 1991 - Phoenix, AZ

COTI Teams Meet and Retire to Alien Planet
Solar System Council Meets and Retires to Cis-lunar Space
Mars Team Meets and Retires to Mars

Symposium 1: Education For The Future:
Bob Tyzzer: "Science Fiction in the Anthropology Classroom"
Arthur Niehoff: "Teaching with Good Medicine: from Science Fiction to Science"
Larry Victor: "Beyond Teaching"

Symposium 2: Machines and Us: Partners in Time
Jim Funaro: "Robotics and Humanics: Do Machines Make Us More Human, or R Tools Us?"
Al Harrison: "Cyborginization Combining Humans, Automation, and Telecommunications for the Exploration of Space"
Barbara Joans: "Four Cultures of the Contemporary Imagination"
COTI Presentation - Meet the Heesh
Solar System Council Presentation
"CarboNation," a play by Dennis Rohatyn, performed by the Cabrillo Players

Symposium 3: Education in the Future: II
Greg Barr: "COTI, Jr.: A Report on CONTACTís Educational Curriculum for Middle Schools"
Tom Zane: "Promoting Space Technology through Pre-service and In-service Experiences in Elementary and Middle School: NASA Attempts to Influence Future Scientists and Voters"
Donald M. Scott: "One Planet from Two Perspectives: An Educational Model for the Third Millennium"
Mars Colony "Show-and-Tell"
COTI (Progress Report) - Getting to Know the Heesh
Solar System Council Presentation

Symposium 4: Education for the Future: Open Discussion
Mel Neville and Reed Riner: Moderators
Special Presentation by Wayne Barlowe

Solar System Council Wrap-up
Mars Wrap-up
COTI Wrap-up - Heesh Meets Heesh

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