March 18-20, 1994 - Santa Clara, CA

Symposium 1: What Does It Mean To Be Human?
Jim Funaro - Defining Humans for Animals, Machines and ETs
Al Harrison - The Humanistic Psychologist Meets People from Space
Michael Sims & Chris McKay - Human and Other Intelligences:
Discussants: Paul Bohannan, Richard Haines, Jim Moore & Rudy Rucker
Workshop 1: Worldbuilding - Stephen Gillett

Symposium 2: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Poul Anderson - SETI and CONTACT
Seth Shostak - "Beam Me Up!" A Problem for Scottie and SETI
Gerald Nordley - Interstellar Travel: Easier and Sooner Than We Thought

Symposium 3: Virtual Reality: How Virtual, How Real?
Carol Stoker - Telepresence in Antarctica: Next Stop, the Moon
Creon Levit - Raster Masters: Real Time Visual Performance Ensemble
Joel Hagen - Exploring Mars via Computer: An Artist's View
Workshop 1: Worldbuilding - Stephen Gillett
Reports: COTI and COTI Mundi Updates

Announcements; Japan Report - Masamichi Osako
Report: COTI Mundi World - Martyn Fogg & Greg Barr

Symposium 4: Contact:The Good News, The Bad News...
Dennis Rohatyn - Avoiding Contact
Jim Funaro - Motives for Contact: Extrapolations from Human Behavior
Doug Raybeck - Predator-Prey Models and CONTACT Considerations
Workshop 1: Worldbuilding - Stephen Gillett
John Lilly Video Theatre

Symposium 5: Intra- & Extra-Terrestrial Communication
Panel: Ben Finney, John Lilly, Seth Shostak & Keith Ferrell
Symposium 6: SolSys: The Solar System Simulation
Reed Riner - Introduction to SolSysSim
Board of Virtual Consultants: Timeline Critique
Student Perspectives
Reports: COTI and COTI Mundi Updates
Workshop 2: SolSys Live Demonstration
Banquet & Keynote Address - Poul Anderson
A.T.O.I. Mystery School: A Benefit Performance Environment

Report: COTI Mundi Sentient - Martyn Fogg, Greg Barr & Team

Symposium 7: Looking Ahead
Keith Ferrell - Envisioning the Future
Don Scott - The Cartography Of Contact: Mapping the Journey.
Shelley Thomson - Remote Viewing of an Alien Species
COTI Team: Cultures of the Imagination Final Session

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