March 10-12, 1995 - Milpitas, CA

Symposium 1: "Exploration of the Universe: Status Report"
Chair: Chris McKay
Dave Morrison - Science: What do we know about where we're going?
Larry Lemke: Technology: How do we get there, what is possible, when?
Mal Cohen - Human: Human survival and adaptation in space
Jim Funaro : Culture: How far have we come, how far do we have to go?
Workshop: COTI Mundi - Epona Today
Martyn Fogg on Planetology
Wolf Read on Biology
Workshop : COTI Mundi

Symposium 2: "Contact" (1)
Al Harrison: Human Response To ET Contact: Lessons From History
Ctein: Confounding Questions About Contact
Dick Haines: A Review of Multiple Aerial Phenonema Cases

Symposium 3: Contact (2)
Bruce Damer: Our Contact with Soft Life, the First "Exo-Terrestrials"
Keith Ferrell: Making CONTACT With Non-CONTACT Audiences
Don Marshall - Marines in Space: The Role of the Military in Contact
Workshop : COTI Mundi
Workshop: Virtual Board Critiques & Tweaks SolSys Timeline
Report: Cultures of the Imagination
Report: COTI Mundi
Special Evening Presentations
Richard Johnson: Space Colonies, Twenty Years and Still Holdling
Joel Hagen: Deutschland to Disneyland: En route to Mars
Takashi Nakamura: Report on Contact Japan 1

Symposium 4: "What Does It Mean To Be Human" Part I
Paul Bohannan - Drive and Overdrive
Dennis Rohatyn - So Inhuman an Animal
Lyn Miles & Rob Schumaker - What Is A Person?
Discussants: Phil DeVita, Keith Ferrell, Jim Funaro, Jim Moore

Symposium 5: "What Does It Mean To Be Human" Part II
Michael Sims - Intelligence in humans, robots, etc. part II
Chris McKay - Will there be intelligence on other worlds
Seth Shostak - The Search for Intelligence on Earth and Elsewhere
Discussants: Phil DeVita, Keith Ferrell, Jim Funaro, Jim Moore
Workshop : COTI Mundi

Symposium 6: "Humans in Space"
Ken Koenig - We Are Never Alone: New Approaches to Human Motivation
Doug Raybeck - Weightlessness, Stress And Calcium Deficiency
Don Scott - Science And Myth
Workshop : COTI Mundi

Symposium 7: "Educating for the Future"
Chair: Reed Riner
Elizabeth Viau & Christian Jones: World Builders - Hands-on Planet Design
Wendy Schultz: Creating Alternative Futures: Workshop Scenario-Building
Workshop : Creating Scenarios for Human Futures
Panel: Chris Jones, Reed Riner, Jim Dator, Wendy Schultz
Report: Cultures of the Imagination
Report: COTI Mundi
Banquet & Keynote Address - Larry Niven
Entertainment on the 12-String Guitar - Paul Butler

Symposium 8: Worlds Real and Imagined
Steve Gillett: Worldbuilding: How an Earthlike planet works
Gerald Nordley: Surface Gravity: Implications for Habitability and Evolution
COTI Mundi: The Epona Culture
COTI Team: Cultures of the Imagination - Contact!

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