March 4-7, 1999 - Santa Clara & NASA Ames, CA

Ames Day: Exploring the Copernican Principle (Chairs, McKay & Sims)
Andrei Linde - Multiple universes? Are the law of physics the same everywhere?
Paul C.W. Davies - Intelligent Life and the Laws of Physics: Mutual Constraints?
Bruce Jakosky - Planets: What does it take? Earth, Mars, Europa others
Hy Hartman - Life and Biochemistry. Is life a common phenomenon?
Chris McKay - The story of life on earth. Is the story repeatable?
Michael Sims - Intelligence: Animal, machine, human and ET?
Steve Pinker - Is language a universal prerequisite for intelligence?
Al Harrison - Is there a universal psychology?
Jim Funaro - Are societies and culture an inevitable result of intelligence?
Joel Hagen -What about Art: Animal, human, machine, and ETI?
Robert John Russel - Does intelligence imply morality? Is evil universal?
Dennis Rohatyn - Pilate's Error: The Ptolemaic Revolution in Philosophy
Keynote Speaker, Greg Bear

Education for the Future (Chairs, Scott & Riner)
Larry Payne & the Oroville Teachers - Developing a Coti Hi Curriculum
Marc Siegel - NASA Quest: connecting students to NASA
Don Scott & Gabriel Rshaid - Academy for Mars: Remote Report from Argentina
Reed Riner - SolSys 2000: Vintage Simulation in a New Keg

Symposium (Chair, Harrison)
Elizabeth Viau - To Boldly Go - and Teach World Building!
Richard Zimmer - Mars in the College Classroom
Gerald Nordley - The Fuzzy Logic of Contact

Symposium (Chair, Raybeck)
Poul and Karen Anderson - Report on Contact Japan 3
Lara Battles - Multiple Personality Disorder: Intraterrestrial Contact
Doug Raybeck - A Systems Approach to Future Studies

Symposium (Chair, Funaro)
Greg Benford - A SETI Radial Search Strategy
Allen Tough - Are Aliens Older and Smarter than Humans?
Bruce Damer - Contact Consortium: Report from Virtual Spaces

Symposium (Chair, Hagen)
Seth Shostak - EQ Pegasi: First Contact or Just a Prank?
Ken Musgrave - Creating a Virtual World for Alife
Charles Ostman - Developing Communication Protocols with Synthetic Sentients
Cultures of the Imagination - Contact!

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