Santa Clara & NASA Ames, CA - March 3-5, 2000

Exploring Artificial Intelligence - Michael Sims & Chris McKay
Marvin Minsky - Relevance of Society of Minds
John Searle - Philosophical Realism: Nature of Consciousness
Bill Clancey - Higher Order of Consciousness
Jim Funaro - The Human Partnership: Machines R Us
Panel with Minsky, Searle, Clancey, Funaro and Raybeck led by Chris McKay
Greg Benford - Insights from Inventing Machine Civilizations
Pat Hayes - Recognizing Extraterrestrial Cyborgs
Doug Lenat - Common Sense as a Universal Principle of Intelligence
Seth Shostak -How Might We Find Machine Civilizations?
Panel of Benford, Hayes, Lenat, Shostak, Tough led by Michael Sims
Banquet Keynote - Octavia Butler

Education For The Future - Don Scott
Carol Anderson & Larry Payne - COTI Hi: a Curriculum Collaboration between CONTACT, NASA amd Oroville High School
Reed Riner - Past, present and future of the Solar System Simulation
Carol Oliver (presented by Edna Devore) - SETI in High Schools Down Under
Richard Zimmer - Mars Colony: The 3rd Year of a University Project
Kathy Scavone - An Elementary School COTI Curriculum
Contact And Culture
Barbara Joans - Fantasy and the American Woman (Graves and Campbell Revisited)
Lara Battles - Object Constancy and the Welcomed Alien: Contact and Cultural Maturity
The Millennium: A Panel - Seth Shostak
Greg Benford, Jim Funaro, Doug Raybeck, Paul Saffo, Seth ShostakM
Contact - Doug Raybeck
Doug Raybeck - Problems with Extraterrestial Communication
H. Paul Shuch - Microwave SETI: Still A Viable First Contact Scenario
Allen Tough - Six Paths Toward Contact
Culture, Society And The Space Age - Al Harrison
Mark Lupisella - Can the Search for ET life Tell Us if the Universe Has Meaning?
Al Harrison - The Societal Implications of Astrobiology
Michael Martin-Smith - Lessons for Society from the Space Age
Science In Art - Art In Science
Art by Joel Hagen, poetry by Jim Funaro, filksongs by Karen Anderson & Jordin Kare
Tour Of The Solar System - Hamilton College and Cabrillo College

COTI Hi - The Teachers and Students of Oroville High, with Israel Zuckerman
Artificial Intelligence Today & Tomorrow - Bruce Damer
Bruce Damer - Contact Consortium: Contact Made! In Digital Space
Gerald Nordley - On the Socioeconomic Impact of Smart Self-Replicating Machines.
Charles Ostman - Integrated Operational Ecology of Human and Non-Human Entities as a Prerequisite for Co-Evolutionary Adaptation with Non-Terrestrial Societies
COTI AI - Poul Anderson, David Brin, Barbara Joans, Jim Moore, Seth Shostak, Michael Sims, Allen Tough, Jordan Kare, Jim Funaro, Joel Hagen, et al.

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