Santa Clara & NASA Ames, CA - March 2-4, 2001

The Extraterrestrial Imperative
Introductions - Chris McKay and Jim Funaro
Jim Funaro - Biological and Cultural Drivers for Space Migration: The Dancer and the Dance
Marsha Freeman - The Extraterrestrial Imperative: Why Man Must Explore
Ben Finney - Talking Exploration With Space Cadets At The International Space University
Don Scott - From Montana to Mars
Al Harrison - Cosmic Beliefs: Science, Imagination and Life Beyond Earth
Ted Peters - Theological Reflections on Extra-Terrestrial Life
Michael Sims - Tour of Future Flight Central and other NASA Highlights
Keynote Speaker - Seth Shostak - Are We the Last Generation of Humans?

Education for the Future (Don Scott)
Carol Anderson & the Oroville Teachers - The Coti Hi Curriculum
Elizabeth Viau - World Builders: A Progress Report
Andrew Fraknoi - Surviving Visits to a 6th Grade Classroom: Project ASTRO - Linking Volunteer Astronomers and Teachers as Partners Around the US
Art and Science Explore Space From Earth (Joel Hagen)
Jason Shankel - The Galactic Desktop: Simulating Astrobiology and Astrophysics on Consumer Hardware
Bruce Damer & Bonnie DeVarco - Cyber Space Meets Outer Space
Charles Ostman - The In-Silico Biology Paradigm: Gateway to Virtual Exobiology
Astrobiology: A Conversation (Kathleen Connell)
Where Do We Go From Here? The Origin, Evolution and Future of NASA's Multi-disciplinary Science
Panel: Kathleen Connell, Mark Lupisella, Greg Schmidt & Al Harrison
Interstellar Travel (Gerald Nordley)
Jordin Kare - Pushing Microlight Sails with Diode Laser Arrays
James Benford - Microwave-Pushed Carbon Mesh Sail Experiments
Allen Tough - Rapid Starcraft: Major Consequences and Mysteries
Gerald Nordley - Pushing Starcraft with Self-Steering Particles
Socrates In Space (Chris Jones)
Jim Dator - Mars or Bust! Adventures in Political Design
Wendy Schultz - Pies in the Sky: Cooking Up Cultures of the Future
Reed Riner - Seven Mars Bases Later
Chris Jones - Luna is All Right with Me
Murphy's Hall: A Parable (Karen and Poul Anderson)

Intra-Terrestrial Contact (Jim Funaro)
Lara Battles - Spectrometric Psychology of Sustainable Civilization
Barbara Joans - The Racism Rap: American Bikers Meet the Alien
Michelle Merrill - Great Apes and the Origins of Culture
COTI Hi - Contact! The Teachers and Students of Oroville High
Carol Anderson, Israel Zuckerman, and others
COTI AI - Alien Robots Contact Earth (Jim Funaro & Joel Hagen)
Alien Team: Chris Jones, Dee Supple, Allen Tough and others
Human Team: Carol Anderson, Ted Everts, Tom Gates, Howard Heard, Larry Niven, Larry Payne, Kathy Scavone, Don Scott and Elizabeth Viau

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