March 1-3, 2002 - Santa Clara & NASA Ames, CA

Search For Life in the Universe
Is the Universe Rife with Life? I - Chris McKay, NASA Ames
Barry Blumberg - What is Life? Will we recognize life when we find it?
Penny Boston - Writing the Field Guide to Unknown Organisms: Earth, Mars, and Beyond
Chris Chyba - Life Around Giant Planets
Is the Universe Rife with Life? II: Seth Shostak, SETI Institute
Seth Shostak - Far Out Life: If the universe is rife with life, where is it?
Bill Borucki - Looking for other Earths: Can We Find And Recognize Distant Worlds With Life?
Frank Drake - Looking For Life Amongst The Stars: Can We Find Thinking Beings Afar?
Robert Zubrin - Panspermia: Transfer Of Life Between Worlds
Al Harrison - Social Implications Of Failure To Find Non-Earth Life
Jim Funaro - Social Implications Of The Discovery Of Non-Earth Life
Joel Hagen - Epilogue
Art Show, Macon Room: Roger Arno's Space Art
Keynote: Rusty Schweickart

Education for the Future (Don Scott)
Reed Riner - SolSys
Carol Anderson - COTI HI at Oroville
Rob Furey - The Orrery Project, George Mason U
Pat McKercher - Virtual College at UCSC
Richard Zimmer - Sonoma State Mars Colony
Elizabeth Vaiu - Worldbuilding on the Web
Dave Miller - Botball
Gus Frederick - ET Agriculture in Education
Zann Gill - Webtanks for Learning by Design
SolSys - Tweaking the Scenario (Plenary Room)
Worldbuilding Workshop - Steve Gillett (Prospector A)
Worldbuilding on the Web -Demo (Portland)
Webtanks for Learning by Design - Demo (Portland)
Botball - Programming (Salon B)
The Orrery Project - Demo (Salon B)
Sonoma State Mars Colony - Demo (Salon B)
COTI Open Recruiting Center (Salon C)
Contact Made! In Cyberspace! (Bruce Damer & Bonnie DeVarco)
The Contact Consortium guides you live online visits to its new virtual worlds
CONTACT Consortium (Plenary Room)
Worldbuilding Workshop - Steve Gillett (Prospector A)
SolSys - Demo (Portland)
Virtual College at UCSC (Portland)
COTI HI (Salon A) & COTI Open (Salon C)
Botball - Demo (Salon B)
ET Agriculture in Education (Salon B)
G. D. Nordley - Extrasolar Planetary Systems (Salon B)
Life in the Universe (Jim Funaro)
David Moore - Lost in Time and Lost in Space
Doug Raybeck - Contact Possibilities: Congenial, Competitive Or Conflictual?
Seth Shostak - When the Heck Will SETI Succeed?
COTI Open - Progress Report
COT HI - Progress Report
Tribute to Poul Anderson
Introduction - Joel Hagen and Jim Funaro
Karen Anderson, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, & Vernor Vinge

Communication in Contact (Jim Funaro)
Michelle Merrill - Extraspecific Communication and Ape Intelligence
Lara Battles - Galactic As A 2nd Language, And How It Got That Way...
Charles Ostman - The Communication of "Presence", as Co-occupants of an N-Dimensional Quantum Universe
COTI Hi and COTI Open: Contact! (Israel Zuckerman)

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