March 21-23, 2003 - NASA Ames, Mountain View, CA

Summary Program and Pictures

Art & Science I : Visions of Exploration
Ben Finney - Alien Artists on Captain Cooks Voyages
Seth Shostak - Creating the Universe in the Studio
Rick Sternbach - Visualizing Other Worlds
William Clancey - The Next Voyager Record: A Qatsi Perspective
Carlo Sequin - Art, Math, Computers, and Creativity
Carter Emmart - Immersive Art and Science
Bruce Damer - The Art of Contact in Cyberspace

Doug Raybeck - Visualizing Contact Possibilities
Lara Battles - Art of the Social Interface: ETI/Human
Leonard Shlain - Art & Physics
John Knoll - Visualizing Apollo
Gerald Nordley - Under the Light of Alien Suns
Darrel Anderson - Art Neuro
Dave Tamori - Aesthetic Thinking, Art and Science

Education for Future
Don Scott, Gus Fredrick, Richard Zimmer, Peter Diamandes, SolSys Team

COTI Update- Israel Zuckerman
Keynote Speaker: William K. Hartmann

SolSys Team - Tweaking the Scenario
Ed Smallwood - The Library of Civilization
Paul Shuch - SETI Sneak Attack
Charles Ostman - Biologically Inspired Aesthetics
COTI HI Contact

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