March 12-14, 2004 - NASA Ames, Mountain View, CA

The Challenge of Mars: Past, Present and Future
Ames Welcome: G Scott Hubbard, Ames Center Director
Michael Sims - MER report: The Moon and Mars: Next steps for Humanity
Oliver Morton- Mars and a Sense of Time
Keith Doyle - An Evolutionary Design Tool
Chuck Stein - A Geofusion Mars
Rick Sternbach - Humans on Mars: One Goal, Many Ways
Gerald Nordley - The War of the Worlds
Don Davis - Mars: An Artist’s View
Andrew Chaikin - Mars and Beyond: Making the Tomorrowland Vision a Reality
Kim Stanley Robinson –Reading from the Mars Trilogy
John Carter McKnight - Barsoom’s Legacy: Mars through the Lens of the American Southwest
Kees Veenenbos - Visualizations of Mars: Past and Present
Chris McKay - Biology and the Future of Mars

Doug Raybeck - Contact Considerations
Darrel Anderson - Galvanizing Delusions
Joel Hagen - Three short films
Carlo Sequin - M.A.R.S. Math, Art, Religion, Science: 4 Complimentary Belief Systems
Jeroen Lapre - The Maelstrom II Project
Bruce Damer - Cyberspace meets Outer Space: Visiting Mars Virtually
Alan Tough - What to do about Alien Lurkers
Scarlett Wang - The Invitation to ETI Project
Dave Brin - Exorarium
Sheldon Brown - Exorarium
Masamichi Osako - Report of CONTACT Japan
Jim Funaro - The Ethics of Colonization
Dennis Rohatyn - Mars: Ethics and Extra-Terrestrial Ecologies
Education for the Future
Don Scott - Education for the Future
Gus Frederick - The Mars Underground
Richard Zimmer - A Class Film Project
Carol Anderson, Dave Tamori & Israel Zuckerman - The COTI HI Project
Randall Schroeder - Art and Science Cars
Keynote Speaker - Michael Sims

Ariel O'Neil - Linguistic Representation and Consensus Building
Justin Milliun - Providing Mission Support for the Mars Desert Rearch Station
Reed Riner - Tweaking the SolSys scenario: A Panel Discussion
COTI Hi: Contact!

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