March 18-20, 2005 - NASA Ames, Mountain View, CA

Art & Science Ii : Science in Literature, Literature in Science
Science, Fiction and Science Fiction (Jim Funaro)
Athena Andreadis - The Other Double Helix: The Intertwining of Science and Science Fiction"
Ben Finney - "Tsiolkovsky's Voyage to the Moon"
Jim Funaro - Science as a Guide to the Imagination"
Kim Stanley Robinson - "Getting Science Into Science Fiction: It's Hard."
Jeroen Lapre´ - "Maelstrom II: An Arthur C. Clarke Science Fiction Film Short"
The Art of Writing Science (Jim Funaro)
Seth Shostak - "Sharing the Universe"
Wyn Wachorst - "The Wonder of Science; the Science of Wonder"
Gerald Nordley - "Embracing Fuzziness in Science Writing"
The Futurists: Writing Between Science and Fiction (Reed Riner
Fabienne Gouz-Baudiment - "From The Dream To Its Achievement: Evolution Of Scenario Building"
Linda Groff - The Future Evolution of Humanity: Possible Alternatives
Wendy Schultz- "Working the Incendiary Instability: Describing Future Drama To Incite Future Design"
Tom Lombardo - "Science Fiction: The Mythology of the Future"
Futurists’ Feedback on the Day (Reed Riner)
SolSys: Tweaking the Scenario (Reed Riner)

Seeking GeoS: The Heritage of George R. Stewart (Don Scott)
Philip Aaberg- "A Soundtrack to 'Earth Abides'"
James D. Burke - "Effect of 'Storm' on a Teenager"
John H. Stewart - "George R. Stewart & Science: The Perspective of a Scientist, His Son"
Education for the Future (Gus Frederick)
Dave Tamori "Visualization to Intuitive Thinking"
John Hibbs - Ben Franklin's 300th anniversary
Gus Frederick - The Kid's Cafe Mission: Journey of the Nutritionauts
Earth and Beyond: Into Unseen Realms (Joel Hagen
Michael Sims - "Update on Mars: the MER Results"
Bruce Damer - "NASA Exploration Initiative Updates"
Carter Emmart - "Art of Presenting the Scale, Form And Relationships of the Universe."
Carlo H. Séquin - "Fountain of Universes?"
Darrel Anderson - "Art as Language"
Douglas Raybeck - "The Future through Science Fiction"
Coti HI - Israel Zuckerman, Carol Anderson, Dave Tamori, Oroville Hi Team, CONTACT Team

Kathryn Denning - "Unearthing Contact"
Jim Pass - "The Sociology of SETI: An Astrosociological Perspective"
Michelle Merrill - "Sources of Inspiration and the Emergence of Sustainable Technologies"
COTI HI - Israel Zuckerman & the COTI Teams

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