March 17-19, 2006 - NASA Ames, Mountain View, CA

Art & Science III : Music of the Spheres
Welcome And Announcements - Jim Funaro and Joel Hagen
Music of the Spheres: I
Keith Doyle - "Musical Complexity: Echoes of the Past, Glimpses of the Future"
Andrew Fraknoi - "The Music of the Spheres: Astronomically Inspired Music"
Gerald Nordley - "Orbital and Acoustic Resonance"
Kathryn Denning - "The Adjacent Possibility of Music"
Sandy Stone - "Kwamina to Kesh and Beyond: Real Music of Imagined Cultures"
Music of the Spheres: II
Doug Raybeck - "Music and the Brain: What Music Says about Us and Possible Others"
Seth Shostak - "E.T.'s Music"
DouglasVakoch - "A Primer of Basic Musical Concepts for Interstellar Communication"
Phil Aaberg - "Would Alien Music Sound like the Bar Scene in Star Wars?"
Kim Stanely Robinson - "I Tried to Write Science Fiction About Music"
Marsha Ivins - "Life and Music in Orbit"
SolSys - "Tweaking the Scenario"

Lara Battles - ‘Where the Aliens Roam"
Al Harrison - "The Right Stuff: From Kitty Hawk to Mars"
Jaroen Lapré - "Arthur C. Clarke Maelstrom II film short project: Work in Progress"
Joel Hagen - "Backyard Mars: Notes From An Optical Vagabond"
Michael Sims - "Update on Mars: The MER Mission"
Bruce Damer - "Cyber-Space-Exploration"
Reed Riner - "Retrospect on CONTACT: What Have We Learned?"
Jim Funaro - "Simulations of ET Contact: What Have We Learned?"
Panel - First CONTACT and Beyond
Carlo Séquin - "Music of the Spheres in More Than 3 Dimensions"
Yvonne Clearwater - "Everything I Need to Know I Learned From my Robot"
Carol Oliver - "Getting Connected to The Future of Science Education: It’s Virtually Here"
Dave Tamori - "Drumming as an Educational Experience in Team Building"
COTI - Team Progress Reports
Keynote: Phil Aaberg

Jim Pass - "The Astrosociological Implications of Astrobiology"
Dave Miller - "The Sooner Lunar Schooner"
Gus Frederick - "Movie Music: The Second Half of the Picture"
COTI Hi - Contact! - Israel Zuckerman, Carol Anderson and Dave Tamori

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