April 4-6, 2008 - NASA Ames, Mountain View, CA

William J. Clancey - Voyages of Scientific Discovery with the Mars Exploration Rovers
Michael Sims - Autonomy in Robotic Spaceflight Missions: Examples from MER
Carol Stoker - The Phoenix mission: Visiting the most habitable region on Mars
Chris McKay - Mars Exploration: from Phoenix to Human exploration
Bruce Damer - Visualizing the Future of Exploration and Life in Space & Cyberspace
Penny Boston - The Robot-Human Continuum: Concepts & Applications For Space Exploration & Consequences for Humanity
Michael Bolte - The Next 30 Years of Astronomy
Doug Raybeck - Addressing the Difficulties of Long-Term Space Flight
Charting the 21stCentury
Reed Riner - Timelines Past and Present; How We Represent Experience to Ourselves
Peter von Stackelberg - Footprints of the Future: Using Timelines In Futures Studies
Bruce Cordell - Timelines as Solutions to the Differential Equations of the Global System
Christopher Burr Jones - Discussant

Jim Funaro - Some Thoughts on the Origins and Future of Morality
Philip Aaberg - Would Aliens Like Bach?
Don Scott - The Contemplative Cowboy; or, In Praise of Independent Scholars
Howard Heard - To Reach Out and Touch Time: Cinema and Sensory Experience
Jeroen Lapre - Making Science Compelling
Ted Everts - Meet Homo commoditas: Modifying and Commodifyng Genus Homo sapiens in a Capitalist World-Economy
Seth Shostak - Why Isn't Alien Presence Obvious?
Education For the Future
David Tamori - Ten Years of History and Progress of COTI Hi
Dennis L. Albers - Physical Science Course In Interstellar Travel
Matt Castleberry - Why Starships Won't Use Rocket Propulsion
Wim Laws - Artificial Gravity During Starship Voyages
Melanie Swan - Data Visualization in Second Life
COTI HI Report (Dave Tamori, Israel Zuckerman & Students)
Concert: Phil Aaberg
Keynote: Carlo Séquin - Modeling Our Universe ... and Other Things

Al Harrison - Professionals, Passengers, and Settlers: New Communities in Space
Astrosociology and 21st Century Space Exploration: A Panel
Marilyn Dudley-Flores, Jim Pass, Al Harrison, Seth Shostak, Thomas Gangale, Margaret Race
COTI HI Contact

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