April 3-5, 2009 - NASA Ames, Mountain View, CA

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William J. Clancey - Scientists on Mars: The Challenges and Accomplishments of the
    Phoenix Lander Mission
Carol Stoker - The Phoenix Mission: What Really Happened
Doug Raybeck - The Nature of "Human Intelligence" ... and that of "Others"
Allan Combs & Ben Goertzel - Naïve Physics and Multiple Intelligences
Michael Sims - The End of Intelligence
Barbara Oakley - Too Kind - Dangers of Altruism
Bruce Damer - From Digital Space: Protecting Life on Earth, Projecting Life into the     Universe
Melanie Swan - Future of Life Sciences
Joe Lambert - Digital Storytelling - Giving Purpose to Pixels
Gerald Nordley & Candace Lowe - Robert Heinlein and Us: Fictional Future Histories
Kim Stanley Robinson - Climate Change and the Pursuit of Happiness
Panel: The Contact Mission: Past, Present, Future
    Jim Funaro, Joel Hagen, Larry Niven, Michael Sims, Chris McKay,
    Seth Shostak, Al Harrison, Reed Riner, Bruce Damer, Kim Stanley Robinson,
    Phil Aaberg, Kathryn Denning & Bill Clancey
Keynote Speaker: Penny Boston - What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a
    Place Like This?


Gus Frederick - Earth as Organism - Humans as ?
Joel Hagen - From Newton to Mars: Light, Color, Cameras and Telescopes
Howard Heard - Zen and the Vision of the Blind Film Editor
Chris Ford - Exploring Your Depths: CG Astronomical Simulation
Jim Funaro - A Quarter Century of CONTACT, in Stories and Pictures
Doug Vakoch - You Don't Say: Sex and the Voyager Interstellar Recording
Seth Shostak - Space Colonization: Manifest Destiny or Pipe Dream?
John W. Traphagan - The History of Anthropology as a Potential Analogy
    for SETI Research
Randall Hayes - Aliens Among Us Tales of Neural Curiosities
Carlo Sequin - Recognizable Earthly Art
Jim Pass & Yvonne Clearwater - Astrosociology and Collaboration
    with the Space Community
Karen Anderson - Could China see a new Mandate of Heaven?
George Reynault - Tomorrow, The Day After Contact

Jeroen Lapre - Fragile Planet: A Cutting Edge Digital Planetarium Production
Silver Screen Film Festival: A Medley of Selected Shorts
    Mars Ocean Odyssey
Al Harrison - Seafaring and Spacefaring: Maritime Prototypes for
    Living and Working in Space
One Thousand Days at Sea - Carter Emmart & Reid Stowe

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